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I followed bodyevolution_ on Instagram for a few months. After seeing the food that Sinobuhle prepared and the results that some of her clients were getting, I figured it was worth a shot. I lost 2 kg within my first week on the plan. I have thoroughly enjoyed the meals that are part of my meal plan. They are simple and delicious and don’t make me feel like I am on a “diet”. The bodyevolution support group is also amazing and keeps me motivated towards reaching my goal.


MakhotsoSatisfied Client

I have always been one to shy away from carbs as they’re deemed the enemy. My first impression when I saw the meal plan was, “this is going to be challenging because of the carbs with each meal/snack, this can’t be good.” I tried all recipes in my meal plan and followed accordingly and to my surprise I still lost the weight. One thing I noticed was that the whole family enjoyed them as they were not cardboard-like, tasteless food in most diet plans. My ultimate favorite are still the Italian tuna and my son’s the pita bread pizza.


RethabileSatisfied Client

Meeting Sinobuhle has been the greatest thing that happened to me this year.  I have been on this meal plan for less then a month and I just can’t believe the results & how fast they are! I feel so much lighter,I am wearing things I haven’t wore in months!!  Although I cheat here & there, the meal plan just makes life sooo much easier and the best part is that you are not allowed to starve yourself.  I never imaged that I could loose weight when still eating 3 meals a day with snacks it’s just absolutely amazing….

Mize (Namibia)

Mize (Namibia)Happy Client