Firms urged to invest in biometrics technology

LOCAL companies have been urged to invest in biometrics technology at their premises to boost security and time management systems. 
Biometrics is a new technology which identifies a person using unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial structure, eye and voice before accessing a facility.

The facilities could be used at companies’ offices, houses or computers.
In an interview, Amatec Zimbabwe director, Mr Martin Shone, said companies should adopt the biometrics technology and enhance security at premises.

“The new biometric system is used for time management and human resource management and access control management as well,” said Mr Shone.

“A number of companies globally are upgrading their security system and it reduces the number of security personnel a company has to employ and we urge companies to adopt this biometrics system,” said Mr Shone.

He said traditionally people used to lock and unlock doors manually but now they could use the biometric technology which is convenient and low-cost.

AMATEC Zimbabwe administrator Ms Lynn Sibanda, whose company installs the new security technology, said some companies in Bulawayo were already upgrading their security systems.

She said so far they had installed the system at companies that use it as a register for the employees.
“Recently we installed the system at a clothing company and they are using it as register for their employees. Our readers and together with our software are also compatible with the payroll system available,” she said.

She said the new system makes it possible, automatically, to identify, for example on who has been using a computer and the time.

She said the types of softwares that they install were the T5 Pro Fingerprint Reader, 50M Steelcase Fingerprint Reader and M5 Fingerprint Reader (Outdoor Solution).